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  • Element frontend client
  • Android / iOS and other platform clients
  • End-to-end encrypted Matrix chats (federation wide)
  • Bridges to third party messenger
    • WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.
    • End-to-bridge encrypted bridge chats
  • Internal video chat via jitsi
  • Internal push service via NTFY
  • Retention policy for local media 90 days and remote media 30 days
  • Regular software updates

Service uptime and updates

Uptime Kuma is checking constantly if all services are online and responding.

If you are interested which versions of each module is running you can find a complete list here.

Latest updates

Update notice: 2023-05-17

  • Element client bump to 1.11.31
  • Bridges
    • Discord bump to 0.4.0
    • Signal bump to 0.4.3
    • WhatsApp bump to 0.8.4