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Date of last modification: 2023-01-25


The Matrix system is designed to store and manage user data, including account names, display names, hashed passwords, and messages. It also tracks and keeps temporary records of access logs, including information like the account name, requested URL, and user agent. To support federation, user data may be shared with other Matrix servers as needed. Additionally, the system utilizes Bridges that may transmit message data to third-party services, where the user may not have control over the data.

The webclient for Matrix is set to use as the default homeserver for user data, but users have the option to select a different server for the client to communicate with. Third-party identity and integration services connect to,, and their subdomains. Any conference calls initiated from the webclient or other Element clients using this homeserver will use the Jitsi instance located at The system also keeps temporary access logs, which include details such as requested URL, user agent, and source IP address.

Retention policy

Media that is send over is stored for a maximum of 90 days. Remote media from, which is meant to be media from other servers, will be deleted after 30 days. After that time all media that has not been quarantiened or marked as protected from quarantine will be deleted.

Media can only be quarantined by an authorized administrator or account with administrative permissions.